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Property Tax Information

Property taxes for the City of Piney Point Village are incorporated with statements from Spring Branch Independent School District.  Please click here to go to SBISD Tax Home Page to view and pay your city taxes or call 713-251-7960 for more information.

Notice of Adopted 2015 Tax Rate
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The City has adopted a 2016 Budget of $5,843,792.00.
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City Hall Office Hours:
 Monday - Thursday  7:30 am - 12 noon
 Monday - Thursday  1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
 Friday  7:30 am - 12 noon

Information regarding:
Specific Use Permit Request
Copy of Kinkaid Site Plan

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Court Day - 2:00p
Monday, October 03, 2016
Regular Monthly Drianage Meeting - 2:00p - 3:00p
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Court Day - 2:00p
Thursday, October 13, 2016
Board of Adjustment Meeting - 7:00p
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Court Day - 2:00p
Thursday, October 27, 2016
Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting - 7:00p


The City Council held a
Public Hearing on
Monday, September 19, 2016 at 6:30 PM
at Memorial Drive Baptist Church
regarding the 2016 Proposed Tax Rate and
The Kinkaid School SUP Request.
Click here  to view the Agenda

The City Council held a
Public Hearing on
Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 6:30 PM
at Memorial Drive Elementary School
regarding the 2016 Proposed Tax Rate
Click here to view the Agenda

The City Council will hold a
City Council Meeting/Public Hearing
 regarding the Proposed 2017 Budget
on Monday, September 26, 2016 at 6:30 PM
at Memorial Drive Elementary School
Click here to view the Agenda

Important Notice
From the Office of the Chief of Police:

When using a cell phone for Emergency 911 calls, residents need to be aware that the call may not be routed to the intended 911 Dispatch Center.  Cellular calls usually go to the closest cell tower.  If that tower is located in Houston, there is a good chance the 911 call will be answered by Houston 911 and could cause a delay of several minutes in the proper public safety response. The MVPD recommends ALL RESIDENTS to program into their CELL PHONES the 911 Dispatch Non-Emergency number for MVPD (713) 365-3700 and for Village Fire Dept. (713) 465-2323. When in the jurisdiction of Memorial Villages, always try to use the NON-Emergency number when using CELL PHONES. When outside Memorial Villages, use 911.

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citysec@pineypt.org to request any additions or changes. We are here to serve you and appreciate your input.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Upcoming Road Projects in the City

Major  Construction Project
Memorial Dr. / Blalock Intersection
February thru September 2016

Blalock Rd / S. Piney Point Progress Report
The contractor has completed installation of the 7’x7’ box culvert on South Piney Point Road. The southbound lane has been poured and will be opening as soon as the concrete has cured. The asphalt overlay to the south of the intersection has been laid, but not striped as of 9/16/16. Construction on Blalock is continuing and it is anticipated that the roadway will be open in mid to late October, depending on the weather.


Road Closure Information
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Traffic Flow Map 5/17/16
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The City of Piney Point Village will commence a major drainage project, originally scheduled to begin in early January at the intersection of Memorial Drive with Blalock Road and South Piney Point Road.  The project had been delayed in order to make some major changes and obtain the necessary approvals from Harris County.  While it is anticipated that the project will take approximately 8 months to complete, it will provide desperately needed drainage to the neighborhoods in the area.  This project will start tomorrow, Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

Over the last two months, Piney Point officials hosted several public meetings to inform residents about the details of the project, including temporary changes in traffic flow.  During those meetings, major concerns were expressed about the proposed one-way traffic on S. Piney Point Road during the construction period.  Based on those concerns, Piney Point officials further evaluated the possible construction options and determined that there is an approach which will allow two-way traffic on South Piney Point and that option has been selected.

This will still be a major construction area, with two narrow lanes (11 feet wide) and the speed limit will be reduced to 20 miles per hour.  Vehicles will be sharing the roadway with large construction equipment.  No "thru" trucks will be allowed in the construction area because part of the temporary roadway will be located over an older water line.

For the safety of everyone; area residents, construction workers and drivers, this area will be closely monitored by the MVPD and there will be no tolerance for speeding or unsafe driving.  If possible, we strongly recommend that you avoid this intersection and instead utilize alternative routes such as Voss Road or Gessner Road to travel to the Westheimer area.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this much needed construction project.

           City of Piney Point Village

Please check this page for the latest
construction updates.




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