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Compliance Dismissals

Some violations may be dismissed with a small admin fee, without appearing in Court. 


Below is a list of these violations and specific criteria for dismissal.  

If your violation is not listed, email or call the Clerk's Office to find out if other options are available to resolve your case before your court date.

** SUBMIT PROOF IN PERSON or VIA EMAIL (if emailed please call after 30 minutes of sending)

Must be submitted at least 5 business days BEFORE your INITIAL APPEARANCE scheduled court date. RESETS are not considered initial appearance.  

If approved it will be a DISMISSAL with an  ADMIN FEE and can be paid by PHONE OR ONLINE**

If you wait until your court date you will have appear before the Judge & Prosecutor.

No Driver License or Fail to Display Driver's License - Fine $161

Will be dismissed with a $10 dismissal fee, if proof of a valid driver's license, at the time of the citation is presented to the Court. 


Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance) - Fine $280

Will be dismissed without any fees, if both the vehicle you were driving and you were covered by insurance on or before the date and time of the citation.  Bring or email proof, we will call and verify the insurance coverage.  


Expired Vehicle Registration - Fine $130

May be dismissed with a $20 dismissal fee if expired for less than 60 days and you provide proof that it was corrected within 20 working days of the citation date or by the initial appearance date. If the registration expired for more than 60 days, you could get a $20 discount ($130 minus $20 = $110).


Operate Unregistered Motor Vehicle - Fine $161 

May be dismissed with a$10 dismissal fee, if the vehicle was registered before the citation was issued. A copy of the receipt is required. 

Operate no license/ one license plate - Fine $180

May be dismissed with a $10 dismissal fee, with a copy of the DMV registration receipt or receipt for purchase of plates, along with a picture of the required plates displayed on the vehicle.


Expired Driver's License – Fine $161

May be dismissed with a $20 dismissal fee, if the license was renewed by the initial appearance date and the valid driver's license is presented to the Court. 


Failed to Report a Change of Address or Name on a Driver's License

May be dismissed with a $20 dismissal fee, if this was corrected by the initial appearance date and proof of corrected receipt with a valid driver's license is presented to the Court. 


Defective Equipment - $206 (Not for Commercial or Unsafe Vehicles)

May be dismissed with a $10 dismissal fee if proof of correction is submitted before the initial appearance date (date on the citation document).

Reset dates are not considered initial appearance dates, fine rates apply. 


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